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Great Dane and children visit the Vetrinary Clinic

veterinary, surgery and lab services offered at
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routine veterinary exams and treatment

Dr. Stewart gives a Great Dane a veterinary exam.Whether we are treating your family dog or cat, or a special rodent, reptile or avian, your pet will get professional medical treatment and personalized attention from our veterinary team. Our veterinarians are highly skilled, capable of treating a wide variety of small animal, avian and exotic patients. Each doctor also has his or her own area of interest and expertise, allowing us to give expert care to each patient. We also have a board certified avian specialist who oversees the medical plans for birds. From treating small pocket pets and performing soft tissue surgery to caring for large birds of prey, at the Bird and Pet Clinic of Roseville we make it our mission to stay on the cutting edge of veterinary treatment and to really know the needs of the patients we treat.

We offer complete preventative veterinary care, including:

  • exams
  • deworming
  • parasite screening
  • heartworm prevention
  • flea prevention
  • senior health screenings
  • dental care
  • vaccinations
    • DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, parvo)
    • Leptospirosis
    • Bordetella
    • Lyme Disease
    • Rabies
    • FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia)
    • FeLV (feline leukemia)
    • Canine Influenza
    • Rattlesnake

specialists in treating birds of prey

Dr. Joseph treats an eagle at the California Foundation for Birds of Prey.As our name suggests, not only do we treat family pets, we care for birds of prey (also known as raptors) including hawks, owls, falcons, vultures and eagles. Bird and Pet Clinic founder and co-owner Dr. Victoria Joseph is board certified in avian medicine and surgery and has 20 years of experience in treating birds of prey, more than any other veterinarian in Roseville or Placer County. Not only does she attend to the needs of the birds of prey that are brought into our animal clinic, she also works at Idexx Veterinary Laboratories as an avian consultant for other veterinarians, and oversees the medical needs of the raptors arriving at the California Foundation for Birds of Prey (CFBP). The CFBP is a nonprofit organization involved in a broad spectrum of activities including avian medicine, public education, and raptor rehabilitation. Most of the raptors brought to CFBP have been injured and require special attention or surgery.

medicines, food and other fun stuff

Veterinarian dispenses medicine for a rabbit.To make it easier for our patients and their owners, we can fill your pet’s prescriptions in our in-house pharmacy or your can order online. This includes routine medications, such as heartworm and flea and tick medicine, as well as special prescriptions that may be required by animals after surgery or those suffering from diseases such as diabetes or age related complications, like arthritis.

We also stock a variety of bird, pet and exotic food, supplements, treats and toys, including a wide selection of exotic prescription and non prescription balanced diets, books and an elaborate bird toy section.



Veterinary Surgerysurgery and anesthesia

Should an accident or medical condition arise that requires surgery, our veterinarians can perform the surgery in our state of the art hospital.

Learn more about the types of surgery performed in our Roseville veterianry hospital.

lab work and

We have an extensive in-house laboratory to perform many of the common tests your pet may need.

Learn more about our lab and x-rays.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Veterinary technicians with exotic pets

partial list of animals we treat

We treat a wide variety of animals. Click here for a partial list.

Veterinary technician with an owl.