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Veterinarian readig x-rays


veterinary lab work and x-rays

Veterinarian and lab assistant performing an ultrasound on a dog.We have an extensive in-house laboratory to perform many of the common tests your pet may need.

For birds and reptiles we offer in-house CBC, gram stains, and fecals. We recommend performing these tests yearly on healthy birds and reptiles to give us a quick picture of your pet’s health. For example, lead is a common problem in birds and can cause severe health problems; on-site lead tests give us fast and accurate results so we can begin treatment immediately.

For our canine and feline patients we offer in-house fecals, heartworm tests, FeLV/FIV tests, urinalysis, ear and skin cytology. We can also perform pre-operative blood work that allows us to anticipate any problems that may arise during surgery or while a patient is under anesthesia. In emergency situations this gives us the capability to get fast and accurate results that can help us ensure you pet gets the correct treatment.

We also have comprehensive imaging capabilities, including x-rays, ultrasound and electrocardiography (EKG or ECG). This allows us to check bones and soft tissue as well as various parts of the heart. This is especially helpful in emergency situations caused by illness or accidents.



Veterinarian in Roseville performing surgery on a and anesthesia

Should an accident or medical condition arise that requires surgery, our veterinarians can perform the surgery in our state of the art hospital.

Learn more about the types of surgery performed in our Roseville veterianry hospital.


Cat being pampered by veterinary assistants.partial list of animals we treat

We treat a wide variety of animals.

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