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veterinary surgery and anesthesia

Should an accident or medical condition arise that requires surgery for your pet, our veterinarians can perform the surgery in our state of the art hospital. Our veterinary hospital contains much of the same equipment you find at a hospital for humans, but made specifically for the animals we treat. This allows us to perform common procedures like:

  • neuters and spays for dogs, cats and rabbits
  • cesarean sections for dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs
  • tumor removals
  • abscess reductions
  • wound repairs

We also perform more specialized surgeries including:

  • avian and exotic orthopedic procedures
  • avian endoscopy
  • avian spay
  • rabbit and guinea pig dentals
  • rabbit and guinea pig oral surgery, such as tooth float

Veterinarian performing veterinary surgery in Roseville.While anesthetizing animals for surgical procedures is an everyday practice at our clinic, we take every precaution to keep our patients safe. A senior technician is with every patient from the moment the animal is induced for anesthesia until they are fully recovered, allowing us to maintain constant anesthetic monitoring.

The senior technician uses a variety of specialized equipment to monitor patients, such as a Doppler Flow Detector and a Pulse Oximeter used to monitor heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen concentration in the blood. In specialized instances a ventilator may be used to breathe for the patient. All anesthetized patients are kept warm during surgery by a circulating water blanket or a forced air system called a Bair Hugger. An intravenous catheter is used to administer fluids as well as any necessary medications throughout the surgery.



Veterinary Ultrasoundlab work and

We have an extensive in-house laboratory to perform many of the common tests your pet may need.

Learn more about our lab and x-rays.


Veterinary technicians with exotic petspartial list of animals we treat

We treat a wide variety of animals.

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